Can babies and children receive Structural Integration?

Rolfing and Children


Structural Integration can be extremely effective with children due to the rapid rate at which their bodies break down and rebuild. (As we grow older this process slows down.)

Consequently, profound structural changes can occur in children with minimal intervention. 

In addition to correcting structural patterns, Structural Integration can serve as a preventive measure to reverse potentially problematic patterns in the young.

Structural Integration can assist children and adolescents with growing pains, scoliosis, poor posture, leg imbalances such as knock-knees or pigeon-toes, and headaches, among others. 

When a child learns how to stand and to walk he or she is not particular about the correctness of the movements. The child is concerned with just doing it.

This simple earnest act can create all kinds of leg imbalances in the young child which can develop into other difficulties involving the back and neck.

Problems can worsen with the use of “walkers” – frames with wheels that supposedly help children to “walk”. Instead of walking, the child often kicks and pushes the legs in order to move forward.

Structural Integration is a great way to head off any potential problems later in life.

Many adults believe that their patterns are genetically inherited. Most of the time, these patterns are actually “inherited” from learning from their parents. They are not genetic!

Depending on the age – and personaity – of the child, Structural Integration work is slightly different compared with the work with adults. It is always within the comfort level of the child and the sessions can be shorter.

Parents are welcome to watch the session. They can usually gain an interesting perspective and greater insight into the work from watching their child’s session.