I want to write to thank David for what he had done for my health since I came to see him for structural integration 2 months ago. When I first saw you, I had just undergone almost 4 months of intensive functional training exercise where my personal trainer put me through a punishing pace of stretches and exercises.

I remembered on the very first session of structural integration, I could feel the tension in all the affected parts of my body being released through the painless stretching of the fascia and I could breathe easily. I felt a new sense of freedom I lost for a few months. At every session as he started to work on other areas, I felt more relieved in those areas. David’s structural integration techniques plus some simple exercises prescribed helped to make the changes permanent. I actually look forward to the weekly session and even sometimes wish it could be done twice a week. Now I walk with a bounce and am in high spirits.

Also special thanks to Ivy for squeezing in my badly needed appointments initially into his tight schedule.


I have been looking for a therapist who can integrate the two sides of my body as they feel different. Within a session, David was able to reduce the difference between the two sides. Also, my posture improved after one session. I look forward to regaining the sense of wholeness within my body in future sessions.



Structural integration is not a therapy widely known among the locals. My friend introduced me to this alternative mode of healing. I am glad to have found a good Advanced Rolf Practitioner in David. He has good skills and inspires confidence that he can help.

Lymphatic drainage is not massage but deals with the integrity of the lymphatic system. I am glad I took it up. Yen Yen is good and my sense of well-being has increased.