What is Rolfing

Rolfing is the original work of Dr Ida P Rolf, which is now commonly called Rolfing®. This is a form of work that assists the human body in moving to a place of better balance, better organization, and greater overall freedom and wholeness. body in moving to a place of better balance, better organization, and greater overall freedom and wholeness.  Read more..

How does Rolfing works? The 10 Series

Rolfer works in a systematic approach in the form of ten series of treatments to restore the body structure back to its vertical status – in harmony with the field of gravity.  Generally, Rolfing involves lengthening and awakening the fibrous and imbalanced patterns in the connective tissue called the ‘fascia‘. Read more..

Benefits of Rolfing

Rolfing is a very personal process. It is important to remember that because no two people are alike, their experiences and the benefits they feel will never be exactly the same. Read more..

Craniosacral Therapy
CranioSacral therapy has its origins in osteopathy. When Dr William Sutherland (1873 – 1954) studied the separate bones of the skull he postulated that those bones had the appearance of structures made for movement. At the time, medical convention understood the adult human skull to be completely fused. Reluctant to believe the cranium bones were fused, he started to palpate with his hands and discovered an intrinsic movement occurring within the cranium. He then set about designing an experiment to test whether the skull was in motion. He devised a special helmet with screws to tighten the helmet over specific bones of the skull so as to prevent even the slightest movement. His first experiment was on himself. He and his wife wrote down their observations of his physical and mental symptoms and behavior.  Read More..

Visceral Manipulation
Visceral manipulation has been described as the “missing link” to the neuromusculoskeletal system. Whilst Advanced Rolf practitioners, massage therapists and physical therapists work on the muscles, fascia and joints from the “outside” of the body, visceral manipulation works from inside out, freeing up adhesions inter-connecting the organs. The freedom of movement between viscera indicates healthy physiology. Read more..