RolfingĀ® is a very personal process. It is important to remember that because no two people are alike, their experiences and the benefits they feel will never be exactly the same.
The main benefits of RolfingĀ® include:

Pain relief:

lower back pain
neck pain and shoulder stiffness
head pain, headaches and migraine
arm and hand pain
hip / pelvic pain
leg / knee / ankle / foot pain

Improved posture
increase in height
avoid ‘shrinking’ with age
better grace and poise
improved sense of balance

Deeper breath / better sense of well-being

Increased energy
better physical fitness
increase in physical strength
natural agility
improved athletic efficiency
improved sports performance

Greater range of motion
better coordination and reflexes
more flexible body

Sensations of lightness and looseness

Freedom from old psychological patterns.

With improvements in posture and the body’s interaction with gravity, the body may also begin to heal itself of other illnesses that may not seem directly related to posture.

Many health as well as martial arts traditions emphasize the importance of good posture and the integrity of the spine as being essential to good health, physical strength and freedom from disease.